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UPDATE (October 2018):  G2 Structural, LLC has become a subsidiary of G2 National, LLC, an MBB Investments, LLC Company. 

To learn more about our parent company, please visit G2National.com.

G2 Structural, LLC was founded in 2014 by a collection of Commercial Engineered Wood Experts, centered around the G2T, a

Commercial Open-Web Wood Truss that is widely known in the Western United States for its exemplary performance in long-span, heavily loaded joist and purlin applications. The G2T style truss withstood both the Loma Prieta and Northridge earthquakes, arguably the most demanding real-life test of Commercial Engineered Wood Systems in U.S. history .

G2 Structural's G2T Commercial Open Web Truss  is currently manufactured in California, Texas, Nevada, South Carolina, Georgia,

Oregon, Montana, Kansas and Mississippi.  The G2T brings Cost Effective Long Span and High Load Commercial Roof and Floor

Systems within reach.


Our Products

G2T Commercial Open Web Trusses manufactured by G2 and its Licensees:

  • G2T-V  featuring Roseburg RigidLam LVL Chords, trusses spanning up to 66'
  • G2T-L  featuring LP Solid Start LSL Chords, trusses spanning up to 64'
  • G2T-M  featuring Finger-Jointed & Laminated Chords, trusses spanning up to 80'

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Fully Supported Engineered Wood Roof and Floor Systems offered by G2 Include:

  • I-Joist  featuring Roseberg Forest Products and LP Corporation
  • Glulam Beams  featuring multiple manufacturers in both DF and SYP
  • LVL and LSL  for joist, rim, beam, and blocking
  • Plywood Edge Blocking  pre-cut with Z-clips attached
  • Structural Connecting Hardware  featuring KC Metals, Simpson, and USP

G2T Support

  • Design Assistance for our Commercial Floor and Roof Systems
  • Budget Estimating to select proper product and system
  • Per Plans Take-Offs for accuracy and responsibility
  • Product Placement Plans with detailed Bills of Material
  • P.E. "Sealed" Calculations/Designs to cover the entire USA
  • Project Management from specification to last product installed
  • Value Engineered Conversions of:
          -Pin-Connected Truss Systems
          -Non-Stock Proprietary I-Joist Systems

       -Steel Joist/Steel Deck Roof Systems

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Our People

  • Technical Market Managers with an average 28 years of industry experience
  • Technical Territory Assistants Supporting Commercial Engineered Wood, Tip-to-Tail
  • 20+ Design/Drafters to support our Commercial Engineered Wood Systems
  • Professional Engineers with over 30 years experience in Div-6 Construction
  • Customer Service Reps Expertly Trained in Rough Carpentry Schedule Demands

Meet the G2 Structural Management Team...  CONTACTING G2

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